To the casual observer (you, perhaps?), it's a simple "Union Jack" paint job. However, there is nothing simple about a custom graphics project like this one. Although there are nothing but straight lines to mask and spray, the instrument must be stripped down to bare maple and carefully sanded in order to provide a suitable surface for our special primer-sealer coat to adhere to. This primer-sealer, in turn, is block-sanded dead flat with a very fine grade of sandpaper, and then sprayed with a reflective semi-gloss white undercoat. The graphic is laid out in pencil on this undercoat, and masking proceeds from that point. colors are applied from lightest (pearl white over the white base coat) to middle value (pearlescent wine red), to darkest (deep metallic blue). Each new color requires that the body be re-masked before the next color is sprayed. The photos do not show that the red is subtly shaded around the edges with a slightly deeper transparent red, to add depth and interest to the graphic. Also barely noticeable in the photos is the gold spatter and veining that was sparingly applied over the deep blue, again, for visual interest. It's these professional touches that elevate Studio California's custom graphics far above amateurish "Red/White/Blue" Union Jack graphics. Oh, and would we ever use a rattle can? Never!