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Since its inception in Brazil in 2002, Studio California has always been a one-man operation. My intent was to be an artisan, creating works of high craft and a highly individual nature. I had (and still have) absolutely no desire to run another company with a dozen or more employees, which was my day job for so many years, and which I found to be boring and stressful, which to my way of thinking is the worst possible combination of negative attributes.

This means that most days I am very busy, so must answer the phone when I can, as I am often working on loud power tools or may be in the spray booth down the hall and up a few steps.

You are welcome to phone to discuss a project, and if I don't answer, simply leave a voice mail with a call-back number, and I will usually return your call within 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you wish, you can e-mail me. Contact information is at lower right on each page of this website (on long pages, scroll all the way down to the end). I am glad to provide references, if the photos and descriptions on my site require corroboration or testimonial validation.


Both of these can vary depending both on the condition of individual instruments and my workload at any given time, but be assured that my pricing is competitive, especially considering the quality of my work, and my turnaround time can vary because that is the nature of juggling customer deadlines, old wood and parts orders from sources all over the planet. I used to have a published price sheet, but found it was not applicable in nearly every case, due to the individual nature of the instruments coupled with the specific requirements of each client.

---Paul A. Wilczynski, Sr.