Between mid-2006 and early 2013, Studio California was licensed to build Rickenbacker acoustic guitars in our own facilities. under this licensing arrangement, roughly 40 Rickenbacker acoustics were handmade, one at a time, using original guitars for reference, new patterns made in our shops, taking great care, and making small improvements all through the run of instruments. Because of the handmade nature of these guitars, there was a substantial backorder situation throughout the license period, with the result that the last guitars weren't completed until 2017.

With the Rickenbacker licensing period having come to an end, the waiting time for Madeleine Strings instruments is much briefer, averaging 30-45 days, depending upon shop workload. We still haven't gotten to the point where we have instruments to sell from stock. You can contact me HERE to check on current turnaround time and to place an order for a Madeleine Strings acoustic instrument.

Below is an overview of the process of building an acoustic guitar in Studio California's workshop, divided into steps. There are several different guitars shown in these photos, both 700 Jumbo models and 730 Dreadnought models. There are a few photos of the Madeleine Strings Classical guitars as well. The process doesn't vary, as Rickenbacker and Madeleine Strings guitars are identical in construction and appearance, except for the nameplate.

The photos follow roughly a step-by-step progression. Each of these dozen images opens into a gallery of photos describing in detail the steps in crafting each individual component.