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The videos below are from a YouTube series that I filmed a number of years ago on painting a burst finish on an acoustic body, and buffing clear coat on a buffing wheel. They have very basic production values (spelled A-M-A-T-E-U-R) but get the point across.

First in a series of 5 videos on Painting a Burst Finish. The videos will continue as the guitar, a jumbo Rickenbacker 12-string acoustic, is painted, sanded, and buffed to a mirror shine.

Part two of my series on painting a burst finish.

The third video in the “Painting a Burst Finish” series.

Part Four in the series on Painting a Burst Finish

Last video in the series on Painting a Burst Finish.

In this video, I'm tinting the guitar’s binding with pale amber nitrocellulose, and then applying the first coat of catalyzing urethane clearcoat. Altogether the guitar will receive 5 coats of clear (12 ounces) in the first spraying.

This is the first of two videos in which I demonstrate the use of a wheel-type buffer to buff a Rickenbacker "jumbo" 700C/12 acoustic body. The buffer is home made and the compounds I use are by Menzerna (Google it). This is by far the neatest and most efficient way to buff a guitar.

Part 2 of the buffing process. Mostly finer details are covered, along with that beautifully varnished signature Rickenbacker fretboard!