An intriguing challenge: modify a standard 381 to have no controls on the front, and make the top symmetrical, with a second "slash" sound hole. Then, when all is said and done, apply a custom paint scheme that's like nothing else out there, while not compromising the somewhat "top of the line" DNA of the 381.

The control cavity cutout is filled, and a second sound hole is cut and bound. All of the control wiring is fed to a control panel with 4 pots (2V, 2T) which is mounted on the back of the guitar. The control panel is laminated from heavy acrylic, with a tortoise-shell top layer and transparent sides. Inside this control panel are secured 4 miniature "thumbwheel" pots (2T, 2V) which can be reached easily while playing the guitar. The control panel is softly rounded to echo the guitar's contour, while being unobtrusive when the guitar is strapped on in playing position. This works very well. The pickup selector switch is located conveniently on the upper (bass) "horn".

The paint work began as an especially luscious Cherry Pearl, and a graphic was laid out which faded ragged stripes of slightly lighter Ruby Pearl in and out with the Cherry Pearl, for a subtle yet radical "tribal" effect. The stripes fade in and out depending upon the angle of light hitting the surface. Rare NOS Van Ghent tuning machines are fitted. A trapeze tailpiece is used for the geometric touch it provided, and a custom tortoise shell nameplate is fitted to the headstock. 

We named it "Selvagem" ("Savage" in Portuguese).