Rickenbacker never made a 12-string 650, though some think it would be a best-seller, as it would combine the slightly-wider neck of the 650 model with the compact "cresting wave"-style solid body and hardtail bridge. 

Studio California has done several of these conversions. We've perfected a way of converting the headstock to a slotted 12-string style without cutting and grafting the neck, so that the original strength and integrity of the neck and headstock are not compromised. Note that with over 300 pounds of string tension on the neck, failures of graft joints are inevitable.

This guitar is a stunner with its gleaming "Ruby" paint work contrasting with a natural-colored maple fretboard. A new bridge with six string-through ferrules is installed, and of course six matching tuning machines are added. 

The tone and sustain of this conversion are both excellent; those wishing for more vintage "jangle" can always specify that toaster pickups be fitted.