This original-style 331 LS, with its larger transparent panels, was converted from a 2016 330 that was originally MID Blue. Although it looks like an original 331 externally, its internals are Studio California's own proprietary, state-of-the-art Solid State electronics, with special SMD high-intensity LEDs on custom circuit boards. This Solid State circuitry was computer-designed and is exclusive to Studio California's Light Show conversions. Unlike the original incandescent bulbs, the LEDs have a long service life (10,000 plus hours!), and since all connections are soldered, there are neither bulb sockets to vibrate loose, nor the heat problems associated with the original Light Show circuitry. This is because the new circuitry has neither bulb filaments nor power transistors and heat sinks to generate the high internal temperatures that were the bane of original Light Show owners.

This Solid State 331 conversion was, at the owner's request, finished in a striking White Pearlescent multi-coat finish, and fitted with new "Toaster" pickups. You may note that there is an extra knob, which on the original 331s, controlled the sensitivity of the circuitry. On this Solid State conversion, however, it simply is a push-pull on-off switch for the LED circuitry!