Although the 3001 is a competent instrument, it is kind of an "Ugly Duckling" and an acquired taste for many in the Rickenbacker bass community. This is no doubt due to its pedestrian, non "Cresting Wave" body shape, its bolt-on neck with "boat paddle" headstock, and its single pickup configuration. 

This bass' owner really loved his instrument. It had been a family member for a long time, and he had decided to finally give it the upgrade that he'd been dreaming of, so he sent it to us, with instructions to restore it in Fireglo, but "do something different". We left the neck in its natural colors of Maple with a Shedua "skunk stripe", merely stripping it back and giving it several coats of our special catalyzing clear coat.

The body, however, was a different story. We finished it in a subtle Fireglo one-color burst, but sprayed a layer of gold pearl over the entire body, then our typical clear coating process followed. The resulting color combination has a deep and visually arresting "shimmer" that elevates this often-forgotten model to a new level of eye appeal.