Basically a graphics project of medium complexity, with four custom-mixed cartoon primary shades overlaid with a thick black outline in varying widths. As with most projects of this sort, the guitar body is stripped to bare maple, and a special primer-sealer is applied, sanded, and covered with a matte white pearl ground coat so that the graphic can be laid out by hand with a 4H pencil. The white ground coat also helps to make the colors "pop".

The entire pattern is sprayed, including the black line. This means hours and hours of masking and unmasking as each color is laid on top of the ground coat. We start with the yellow, and do light blue second and red third. All colors are then covered and the area of the black outlines is left unmasked. You will also notice that the control cavity of this late-model 330 is opened up to replicate that of a '60s model, as the pick guard is transparent. The area of the pick guard that covers the control cavity opening is frosted, so just the blurry silhouettes of the wiring harness show through.

Then comes the final unmasking, and multiple layers of catalyzing clear coat which are then hand-wet-sanded and buffed to a high gloss. The guitar is assembled and set up. Unlike Weller's 330, this replica has both Rickenbacker pickups present--no Gibson humbucker in the neck position.

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