Studio California has painted a number of these MMT bass replicas. They are done to our usual high standard of execution, with top-quality, custom-mixed color coat paints, masked by hand (so no two are exactly the same) and protected by multiple coats of our $440-per-gallon high-tech, non-yellowing catalyzing clear coat.


With each of these conversions, the body is stripped and the Fireglo paint re-applied, as an integral part of the overall finish. If this was not done, there would be danger of the new graphics peeling away from the factory Fireglo finish.

McCartney's original MMT bass was done by him in a fit of (_____-induced) creativity, using paints that were immediately at hand, including spray can enamel, brushed acrylic, and who-knows-what-else. His resulting finish job was charming and funky, but out of both respect and a desire for value and longevity, our finishes are slick and durable.