This factory-built 700C Jumbo 6-string Rickenbacker had issues with the top splitting and caving. Numerous cracks had been glued from the back, and the top partially finished at one time. Studio California removed the top and neck, built a new top from properly-seasoned premium Engelmann Spruce, replicating the factory bracing pattern with slightly heavier components, attached the new top to the sides, re-bound it in original "checkerboard" purfling, and re-attached the neck. The instrument was then re-shot in Jetglo and given several coats of our own premium ($440/gallon) catalyzing clear coat, hand-wet-sanded dead flat, and buffed to a black mirror shine.

Note that three Studio California upgrades were slipped into this project's execution--the "X" bracing was moved one inch toward the sound hole to improve the response curve, the new top was given a spherical radius to improve strength, reflection, and projection, and lastly one of our trademark "Teardrop" pick guards was fitted. Results yielded a virtually brand-new instrument. The owner is still thrilled according to recent communication on Facebook Messenger.