This commission from Al for his "dream guitar" began with the purchase of a 4001 bass carcass, a 481 neck, and a 4008 body shell, with the intention of fitting the three together into one new "bitsa" instrument. ("Bitsa"="Bitsa stuff from here and there")

Things got complicated when the body proved too warped to align the necks properly, so a new body was made using the old one as a pattern. New fretboards were fitted, with full-width crushed mother-of-pearl fret markers, and the necks were re-fretted and bound in "checkerboard" and white celluloid.

The body was also "checkerboard" and white bound, and given a Greenburst finish. The hardware is a mix of vintages, and most was rechromed. The wiring harness is a custom item by Studio California, with a neck selector switch so only one neck is live, or both can be activated as well.