Though they are certifiably rare, the early solid body 12 strings are undervalued. The semi-hollow 360/12s from this era are highly prized. These smallish 12-strings are no slouch in the sound or playability departments, however! There is plenty of “jangle” to be had from the wonderful vintage “toaster” pickups, and (at least on this example!) the resonance of the Maple through-neck body has to be felt to be believed.

Paul Wilczynski (Studio California’s major dome) restored this from a much-loved original that, according to its previous owner, had been “flogged in every bar along North Damen Avenue” in Chicago, its home town. The instrument is entirely original, save a refinish in its original Fireglo, aged slightly so as to properly depict its now 53 years of existence.

The refinish was done by Paul in mid-2006—a few dozen years ago. The guitar has only been gigged twice since then, and was played frequently in a home environment until about three years ago, when it was cased and stored in Paul’s guitar store room. We point this out to show the quality and durability of the finishes that Studio California is known for, worldwide!