Studio California has restored more than a few of these quirky, very early solid-body Rickenbacker guitars. They are very simple in construction, but the fixed bridge and powerful Rowe-DeArmond pickup lend a very un-toy-like tone and sustain to belie their deceptively-simple appearance. Fretboards of these guitars are genuine Brazilian Rosewood, the "Tulip" bodies are Alder, and necks are maple. The pick guards are .020" gold-anodized hard aluminum sheet. The body "wings" are either glued or bolted to the neck, after having been painted in their solid color (usually Brown, Black, White, or Cloverfield Green). Necks are clear lacquered. Note the unusual circular medallion on the backs of these guitars: they carry the serial numbers, and are retainers for the odd saxophone strap from which the guitars hang, perfectly balanced at their center of gravity. Most Combo 400s have been converted to traditional strap pegs, as have these two examples, a Cloverfield Green '56 and Jetglo '57.