The project was defined thusly: Build a 700C 6-string Jumbo acoustic, but execute a finish that would remind the customer, now an East Coast transplant, of his former home in Northern California's Bay Area. 

The theme: "California Sunset". Using a blend of traditional colors in transparent tints, a somewhat conventional burst finish was applied with spray gun. The overlay of the sunset was accomplished with multiple layers and shades of pearls, so that light shining on the guitar from different angles produced different tones with various colors floating above the wood surface. 

The effects are striking, On the top, sides, back, and headstock, the sunset color burst in the center transitions into a night sky in deep shades of pearl Navy Blue, with tiny bright white "stars" floating in the firmament. The shoulders of the upper bout and hips of the lower bout carry ethereal tones of the fading twilight sky.

At the very bottom center, in the body's "flash" trapezoid, a graphic of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen glowing in the light of sunset over the Pacific on a warm summer evening.

This 700C also features a special gold pick guard and Studio California's new "Boomerang" high-mass bridge with its enlarged footprint to improve response and sonic transfer.