The 4000S is the most basic--and in many ways the most iconic and charming--of 4000-series Rickenbacker bass guitars. With a single pickup in the bridge position and two-pot controls and a contrasting white pick guard of formal appearance, it distills what players love about Rickenbacker basses, down to the essence of the classic Rickenbacker identity.

Studio California restored this bass in a very deep, "Eggplant" shade of Burgundyglo, achieved by the spray application of many layers of a deep Burgundy tint. The glasslike protective layers of catalyzing clear coat further deepen the effect of the color.

This bass is a set neck instrument, as can be seen in the back view at center right, below. Over its years of existence and frequent playing, the neck has shown a tendency to flex (probably due to the maple used being a softer-than-usual piece), so a carbon fiber spline was added between the fretboard and neck proper, to assist the neck in staying straight under tension and the action playable.