This guitar, played by owned Rodney Lim, is featured in the two brief sound clips on our "Acoustic Sound Samples" page. Its sound is very well-balanced and precise--never harsh, but not muddy or muffled, either. The sound stands out in the mix without being tinny or fatiguing. A lot of credit will go to the high-mass "Boomerang" bridge, which deliberately has a large footprint to facilitate sound transfer to the top plate. This is a simple guitar in a large size, unique color, and with a complex and very pleasing sound. Playability, of course, is excellent--a trademark of Studio California's acoustic builds, whether they be the now-defunct Rickenbacker brand, or the continuation brand, "Madeleine Strings", featured on this site under the "Other Projects" pull-down menu.

If you've always wanted a Rickenbacker acoustic guitar, and know that they seldom come up on the used market, investigate the "Madeleine Strings" guitars that we build. They're identical to our former builds for Rickenbacker, except for the nameplate. Same wonderful sound and playability, new brand with same quality.