These two thick-bodied conversions are similar at first glance, but upon closer inspection, reveal quite different internals and characters.

The Jetglo Light Show is a 330 "thick body" conversion of a 1991 330 carcass, fitted with a new Slant Fret fretboard and three slanted "screw top" Hi-Gain pickups. The bridge is also slanted. Model designation is now 341SF Solid State. This guitar is faithful to the original 331 concept, as it is fitted with a set of replica Type 2 Light Show circuit boards, a replica heat sink panel containing three power transistors, and actual 12V incandescent bulbs. It is powered by a special transformer with an umbilical cable that connects to the guitar body via a DIN socket, exactly as the original Light Shows were equipped.

Its Pearl White companion has two "Toaster" pickups, an unfinished fretboard, and a narrowed headstock with vintage Kluson tuners. The big difference is internal. This instrument features Studio California's proprietary Solid State circuitry, with SMD high-intensity LEDs powered by a single 9V battery which is housed unobtrusively in a flush-mounted compartment on the back of the guitar.