This was a comprehensive restoration of a basket case bass that was only a shell when it was acquired by its owner over a decade ago.  Every part was reworked to a high standard. All hardware and electronics were of recent vintage. The goal with this project was a presentable, playable instrument representative of the time in which it first saw the light of day, rather than bass guitar that was historically 100% correct in its components. 

The fretboard was newly-made, along with its crushed mother-of-pearl fret markers. The pick guard and tug bar were fabricated to original patterns in our shop. A new guitar bridge was reworked to serve as a bass bridge, as was the guitar "R" tailpiece.

The neck was removed, the pocket reinforced, and then the neck was re-set. New white celluloid binding and "checkerboard" purfling were installed and the body and neck prepped for paint. A custom-mixed shade of Vintage Azureglo was applied, followed by many coats of premium catalyzing clear coat. Hand-wet-sanding and buffing yielded a body ready for installation of all the new hardware and electronics.