1967 JETGLO COMBO 1000


BACK STORY: This gorgeous little guitar was kept for decades by a caring Rickenbacker collector in the Eastern USA. It was in beautiful original condition, right down to its near-mint case. After years of cajoling by a good friend across country, the collector sold the Combo 1000 and it made the journey to the Lower Midwest. Sadly, the new owner eventually found himself in financial difficulties, and put the guitar up for sale. It was bought by a woman who misrepresented herself as a legitimate enthusiast, and it once again travelled across the country to the East Coast, into the possession of the woman's boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, the boyfriend's business was breaking vintage guitars for parts, and this little Rickenbacker was disassembled and put up on Ebay--in pieces. Studio California heard about this sad situation, and contacted the boyfriend, who sold the parts that hadn't already been purchased. Our total cost was roughly 1 1/2 times the value of the guitar. We lovingly restored the guitar, beginning with a museum-quality paint job, as the guitar had suffered since leaving the hands of the original collector. Hardware was replated, a new pick guard (one of the missing parts) was made by us, and the guitar was reassembled and once again looked and played like a new instrument.