This is an acoustic project that was never part of Rickenbacker's guitar range, but seemed so natural an extension, that we built one on customer special order. It conjoins a standard 700C Comstock Jumbo body with a custom-made, standard-scale-length acoustic bass neck and the traditional Rickenbacker bass headstock design and nameplate. 

Unamplified, this bass has a sweet tone and great sensitivity. With the LR Baggs "Anthem" dual-element pickup system plugged into a proper bass amp, though, this bass can nearly generate standup bass tones, with great sustain. Turn the treble up, and it sounds like the low-to-middle keys of a grand piano. An amazing and versatile guitar.

Finish is a deep Wineburst, with a transparent Maroon-Violet center transitioning through Dark Chocolate to Deep Black adjacent to the "checkerboard" purfling and white celluloid binding. Tuners are matte-gold-plated locking Sperzels.