These photos show a SPECIAL EDITION of the 4003 Walnut bass, created expressly by Studio California, to carry the concept of a bass with special wood, into a very special visual realm.

We’ve started with a factory-stock 2015 4003W, filled the open grain of the Walnut body, and added a double top binding of .5mm white celluloid separating the Walnut visually from 1.5mm black binding. The neck is also re-bound in black with white dot markers. The bass was then finished with several coats of high-gloss clear coat catalyzing varnished which was IR-cured, hand-wet=sanded, and buffed to a glasslike level of gloss.

The low-contrast white pearl triangular fret markers were removed, and replaced with ones made from genuine abalone shell, for added impact and more contrast.

The hardware was swapped from chrome to matte black, with tuners exchanged for Black Chrome Schaller BM models with 14mm posts. Fasteners and adjustable bridge were kept as chrome-plated and stainless to add fine detail contrast. The strap pegs are matte black vintage type, and a new pick guard was made from 3mm thick gloss black acrylic. Vintage knobs replace the silver-topped originals, to complement the black hardware and keep things more on the side of subtlety.