Both of these large-bodied Capris share a more traditional, generic shape usually seen on jazz archtop guitars, although their unusual construction methods mean that the top and back are flat, rather than arched in the usual jazz guitar way. Both of these restorations came into the shop with their tops having been butchered with the poorly-done addition of Gibson humbucking pickups. Additionally, both had cracked and badly-repaired back panels.

The owner of the 1960 Autumnglo example opted for the unusual choice of a single "horseshoe" pickup, much in the manner of the earlier Rickenbacker "Combo 850" models, with a simple two-control wiring harness.

The 1959 Mapleglo Capri kept its added Bigsby vibrato, which has an arm with an unusual provenance, being a piece with an extension with a teardrop-shaped tip, hand-sculpted by Paul Bigsby himself.