This bass was sent to Studio-California by a semi-pro bass player from Eugene, Oregon. It exhibited some problems which we term “soft neck syndrome”; usually this happens because of either grain anomalies in the neck wood, or neck wood that’s softer than normal, or not completely dry, or a combination of any of these factors. In time, a neck with this “syndrome” may develop an “S” curve or a twist which requires correction. We will try to heat-press the neck as a first resort, but this is a waste of time in most cases, though due diligence demands that we make the customer aware of this low-cost option for neck straightening.

The solution that we’ve been offering for several years now, involves removing the fretboard and laminating a carbon fiber plate between the neck wood and fretboard. This work usually entails at least a partial refinish of the neck area. This process has been 100% effective in correcting neck twist, back bow, and “S” curves that can render an instrument unplayable.