This began as a project to correct a playability issue. After measurements and inspections, it was determined that the neck was, simply put, "tired". The original twin truss rods were at the limit of their adjustments, and the neck still had a hump that compromised the action, giving a combination of fretting-out in some areas, and high action in others. A new neck was called for, and was made from scratch using some very nice flamed maple flanking a shedua center strip. Additionally, a single double-action capsule truss rod was fitted, and a full-width and -length 1.5mm thick woven carbon fiber spline was set between the fretboard and neck. These improvements will hold the neck straight under the 300-plus pounds of tension that a set of 12 lightweight strings generates when the instrument is tuned to pitch. The double-acting truss rod provides adjustment for both bow and backbone, without placing any strain on the neck or fretboard, with only minimum adjustment. With the nameplate in place, the truss rod modification is invisible.

The bridge was removed, the top block-sanded flat (it had many waves from age and stress), and the formerly pinkish-Fireglo was resprayed in a high-key Amber Fireglo. The bridge was refitted, and the guitar was assembled, strung, and set up, ready for another several decades of reliable playing enjoyment.