The custom Rickenbacker "Turquoise" color is a stunner, and a favorite of many Rickenbacker fans. It has a shimmering, luminous pearlescence that's unmistakeable, and at least every couple of months, a customer specifies Turquoise as the color they'd prefer for a refinish of a timeworn original instrument. Simply-put, it gives these guitars and basses a complete new lease on life. Owners liken it to receiving a new instrument, and often find that the color offers new inspiration for their musical visions.

This formerly-Mapleglo 325 was treated to a refinish in Turquoise, and then fitted with vintage Kluson tuning machines, a single gold pick guard/name plate duo, "dog bone" bridge, Bigsby B5 vibrato, and oven knobs, all in great V59 style.