A rare and historic instrument that we restored for a customer in Canada. Rickenbacker only made two shipments of these 4000S basses to the UK, where they were re-cast as "Rose-Morris Model 1999s" by their UK distributor. These basses were seen in the hands of bassists in a number of the original "Invasion" bands, notably Peter Quaife of the Kinks. This instrument was from the second shipment of the 1999 basses, in late 1965. Nobody knows its entire history, but sometime in its past it had received an arm-bevel on its bass bout that compromised both its appearance and its value as a very rare early bass.

After stripping the paint from the entire body and neck, Studio California cut off the offending bit of maple--the entire bass-side "wing"--and grafted on a new "wing" that was properly shaped and radiused. This was then routed to match the recesses for pickups and tailpiece. 

The instrument was refinished in Amber Fireglo to give it a proper vintage appearance, then several coats of catalyzing clear coat, which was then hand-wet-sanded flat and buffed to a mirror shine.A new pick guard and tug bar were fabricated and installed, and newly-replated hardware was refitted.  

The photos at bottom were taken five years after the work was completed. The finish has aged well, and the instrument has a grand old "presence" as a highly-valued member of the owner's collection. (Bryce Gracey photos)