SCALE DREAMS was an outgrowth of a technique that I had developed that allowed cold-molding in polyurethane resin of very precise, thin-walled parts in quantities of about 50 pieces in flexible RTV matched-plate tooling. At the time (1977) this was a technology that was used by only a very few prototype shops in the country, and I expanded it into the marketplace for limited-edition, high-dollar collectible model cars.

I was the very first person to do this in the USA. Now, it's ubiquitous around the world, but until I began producing SCALE DREAMS cars, there was nothing on the market that was anywhere near as accurate, detailed, or sophisticated. SCALE DREAMS was quite successful for about 15 years, and I had a line of about 20 cars, mostly concept cars with a few production "missing link" collector's Corvette models, an Oldsmobile, and a Pontiac.

Eventually the routine of mass-production in my one-man shop got to be too grueling, and I went on to another love--toy design.

The GREEN car that's featured is an example of SCALE DREAMS' second issue--a replica in 1/25 promotional scale of the 1954 GM Motorama "Corvair" concept car--a 1954 Corvette with a fastback roofline.

Below are examples of other SCALE DREAMS 1/25 scale models. Bear in mind that these models would fit into a pocket, being only a bit over 6" long!